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The first floor in the boutique hotel on Stephansplatz


On the ceiling of the waiting room on the first floor there is a replica of part of the first district with the location of the hotel, parts of the replica are also attached to the entrance doors of the hotel. Here are two, “Wave and Peephole”, of the many sculptures by Daniel Bucur that are distributed throughout the hotel. Also on the first floor is the corridor marked with a red line on the floor that leads to the cafe. Paintings by the artists Maria and Augusta Adler as well as a painting in memory of Ms. Maria Engelmann, the hotel's founder, are exhibited in the corridor. In the corridors between the first and second floors there are three pipes from the old giant organ from St. Stephen's Cathedral, which was decommissioned in 1991. The hotel was able to purchase the three pipes on September 7, 2019. The purchase price was used by St. Stephen's Cathedral to purchase a new organ. In the small gallery you will find etchings by the artist Augusta Adler, daughter of Maria Adler (Viennese artist), who was a long-time regular guest at the hotel. On the occasion of the opening of the Dom Cafe in 1976, the etchings were handed over to the hotel owner, Ms. Maria Engelmann.