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Jewish Vienna


The history of Vienna's Jews is inseparably linked to the city. Vienna has a close connection between the history of its Jewish citizens and its rise to a metropolis of intellect, science, and the arts. During the fin de siècle, Vienna was also the peak of the Jewish community. Until 1938, the city had an active Jewish community with numerous synagogues and prayer houses. Widespread anti-Semitism became the basis for the racial madness and terror of the Nazis.

The occupation of Austria by the German Wehrmacht in 1938 led to the expulsion and murder of 140,000 Austrian Jews. Jewish life virtually disappeared from the streets of Vienna for many years. However, in recent years, a remarkable development has been observed. Especially in Vienna's 2nd district, there is a growing Jewish community and rich Jewish infrastructure.

This resurgence of Jewish daily life in Vienna is a remarkable sign of change and hope. New synagogues are being opened, Jewish cultural associations and educational institutions are emerging. Museums and memorials in Vienna play a significant role in this process. They remind us of the history of the Jewish community and commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.

The close connection between the history of Viennese Jews and the city itself is part of the collective memory and identity of Vienna. The revival of Jewish life and the establishment of a thriving community are signs that Vienna acknowledges the past and shapes a hopeful future. It is important to preserve and pass on this history to ensure that the horrors of the past are never repeated.

Stadttempel of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde (Israelite Community)
Dokumentationsarchiv des Österreichischen Widerstands (Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance)
Jewish Welcome Service
Judenplatz (Jewish Square)
Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum)