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Roter Blitz

"The Red Lightning" tells an exciting story. Because once upon a time, there was an old poplar tree in front of the secondary school in Gols. One stormy night, lightning struck the tree in two.

The torn fibers protruded from the split tree like an open wound, and Daniel Bucur immediately recognized the potential of the tree destroyed by the forces of nature. He left the form as a monument to the primal power of a storm. The color red preserved the visual power of the lightning.

Placed on a pedestal, the sculpture then went on display at Mole West in Neusiedl am See. It was this deep red color that caused lightning to strike twice. This sculpture was the one that first drew the Hotel am Stephansplatz's attention to the artist Daniel Bucur. The sculpture made its way to Vienna and has been in the heart of the city, in the lobby of the Hotel am Stephansplatz, since 2005. Here, the Red Lightning glows in the mysterious atmosphere of the lounge with its backlighting, light accents, and reflections. Its rough form contrasts with the matte black glass and the soft leather surfaces of the room, and, due to its positioning under a former fire department shaft, it can now radiate its vertical energy all the way to the ceiling.