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Facts about St. Stephen's Cathedral


There are an incredible number of exciting facts about Vienna's landmark. For example, did you know that St. Stephen's Cathedral is the highest church in Austria at 136 meters high? The highest of the four towers is the south tower. The roof of St. Stephen's Cathedral is also very special - 230,000 tiles were used to create the fascinating roof and due to the fact that the roof is so steep, it is never covered by snow in winter. St. Stephen's Cathedral is equipped with a total of 13 bells. The Pummerin is the second largest free-swinging bell in Europe and is located in the north tower. It's also exciting to know that Mozart got married in St. Stephen's Cathedral in 1781. Another highlight is that the Vienna City Beekeeping Department has already housed a total of six beehives at St. Stephen's Cathedral, which provide a home for rescued bee colonies.