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Fine dining in Vienna


Vienna has a lot to offer when it comes to fine dining. This includes the numerous Michelin-starred restaurants known for their top-notch service and excellent cuisine. Among the outstanding options is the "Steirereck" restaurant with a total of 5 toques (Hauben) - here you can find both classic and creative menus featuring locally sourced ingredients. Elevated Viennese cuisine can be savored at the "Skopik und Lohn" restaurant or the "Meissl und Schadn" restaurant. A highlight for vegetarian and vegan connoisseurs is the "TIAN" restaurant and the "TIAN Bistro." The only three-star Michelin restaurant is "Amador" in the 19th district. Other top addresses include the "Aend" restaurant, "Mraz und Sohn," and "Shiki." We're sure that in Vienna, all food enthusiasts will be satisfied.