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at Vienna's most central

As a privately managed four-star design hotel in the heart of Vienna, we at the HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ can make decisions rather quickly. This makes it easier for us to realise ambitious ideas together. When we developed our feel-good concept we were also looking for suitable ways of applying it sustainably at all levels, and making it visible to the outside by supporting social initiatives and projects.

Project activities include providing financial support, donations in kind or rooms. The hotel prefers to use sustainable products.

  • February 2016

We continue supporting, as in September 2014: The private Waldorf school " Rudolf Steiner school , Pötzleinsdorf " in Vienna needed for her first and new school-gym, cloakrooms and shower facilities, which could not yet be realized - the long saved money was not enough. Therefore we donated further EUR 3.500.

Our "Christmas Special" 2015 was donated to "Youth at work" - the people who are accompanied in these facilities and workshops are looking foward to their new coffee machine for the planned "Art Cafe" (a meeting place for all people - regardless if handicapped or not) we are pleased that we could help!

On 01.10.2015 the above mentioned organization launched a great campaign, which we supported immediately. 118 restaurants, bars and coffee houses (incl. us as the only hotel with our Café Bar Aragall) -  1 good cause. All these gastronomic establishments have agreed to donate half of their daily turnover to this organization, which supported 50:50 the associations "refugee aid Ute Bock" and "Caritas". Together we could achieve an unbelievable sum of EUR 104,157.32 on that day.

Well the whole world knows the terrible images from the summer and autumn of this year - and it is still going on. Help was needed (and still is) . The People Share Foundation, which specifically care for the refugee children (which even are partly alone on the run), has been supported from us with a donation of EUR 3000.- .

  • July 2015 - Donation of hotel linen to charities

A hotel needs at certain intervals new bedding - but that does not mean that the previous laundering can no longer be used . So we have decided to donate 402 pieces of bedcovers , 171 sheets and 596 pillows to the House of Mercy " Stephansheim " in Horn and to the "Wiener Hilfswerk".


The current situation in Greece requires rapid assistance for the survival of the health care suddenly penniless people - Solidarity to the population is an important issue . The oldest hospital in Greece treated destitute people without charge and need support for it. The Hotel am Stephansplatz donated  EUR 1500, -  to this organization.

The terrible earthquake in Nepal as well as the aftershocks had devastating consequences - thousands of people died , even more were buried and again it hit one of the poorest countries in the world - medical assistance was urgently needed. We did not hesitate and donated € 2.000, - to MSF.


We could not stand by idly and donated € 750, - to this organsiation to assure the support and hope for the affected people.

We donate € 750, - to the association " debra - help for butterfly children " . For these young patients normal and everyday things like a door handle , an arm of the chair , a belt or shoes are often sources of risk and cause daily blisters and sores . These children want nothing more than to find relief from constant pain and healing. The HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ supports this wholeheartedly.

December 2014 - we support six children with enhancement focus "hearing and seeing" 

Like every year, this year we have also made ​​our traditional Christmas donation:  € 1630, - for the " Children's Dream Foundation " . We fulfilled six children with the enhancement focus " hearing and seeing " their heart's desire - project days at a horse ranch . In an anxiety-free learning environment characterized by integration , tolerance and motivation each child will be accompanied as best as possible. Deaf children with severe disabilities are particularly vulnerable to exclusion from society and so we did not take long to consider and fulfilled their heart's desire.

Our projects and partnerships - a review until march 2013

Even schools and students are supported by our hotel. The "Steiner Waldorf School" in Vienna-Pötzleinsdorf needs a new sports hall  - we are glad to support their project and furthermore also the children and students with EUR 3500,- .

The HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ donates the trophy for the 3rd place (value EUR 2,500.00) at the international top-ranking song contest ACCADEMIA BELCANTO in Graz (AUT). The chamber singer Giacomo “Jamie” Aragall presents personally as chairman of the jury the trophy called >Giacomo Aragall - Preis des Hotel am Stephansplatz< to the winners. Read more:


Maestro Aragall is an exception among the great voices of the world of opera. The HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ has dedicated the hotel bar on the first floor to him.
Opera insiders know that the maestro has never drawn much attention to himself, like most of his colleagues. He has never aggressively marketed his fame, instead chose to follow his artistic goals in peace and quiet, and has always remained a modest man. Music in its purest form was, for him, more important than a career.
Today, the maestro conducts master classes for young singers from all over the world. These master classes will be held in Vienna for the third time now, and the HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ is more than happy to provide scholarships for these classes on a regular basis.

Our traditional Christmas donation this year goes to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. With € 1.000, - we support the use for the release of the following human rights activists :

Yorm Bopha, young human rights defender from Cambodia. She was more than a year behind bars because they peaceful protests , campaigns and actions against forced evictions organized in Phnom Penh. The young woman was placed in the meantime released, but not dropped the charges .
Vladimir Akimenkov , Artiom Saviolov and Mikhail Kosenk, human rights activists, who were arrested on the eve of the swearing Putin in May 2012 at the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow during a peaceful demonstration . Vladimir risk of losing his eyesight because he does not receive appropriate medical care in prison. Mikhail was sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment.
Eskinder Nega, Ethiopian journalist. For years, he stands up for freedom of expression in Ethiopia. In September 2011 he was arrested for an article critical of the government for the eighth time .

Star photographer Manfred Baumann has portrayed homeless people with the intention of bringing them back into the midst of society. The stirring result of his work was presented at an exhibition and in a book, and the proceeds mainly benefited the people who were portrayed. The HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ was an official partner of the project and also supported it financially.

As part of bedding renewal, which is done comparatively often in a four-star hotel, 90 sets of high-quality blankets and pillows that were in very good condition were given to CARITAS.

When we were looking for care products to fit our feel-good concept, we were one of Austria's first hotels to select FAIR TRADE care products from ADA Cosmetics International. With organically sourced products and fair remuneration, they stand for personal care with a clear conscience.