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    Our publicly accessible hotel Café Bar ARAGALL allows you to indulge your taste buds at any hour of the day. Depending on the season, our team will serve you new seasonal delicacies for a snack or a quick lunch menu. These include traditional dishes and tempting soups of the season. Here we have compiled a small sample from our seasonal food menu to whet your appetite.

    Homemade seasonal dishes "summerly light snacks": 

    • Spritzer "Belletage": Ramazzotti Rosato, Schweppes Wild Berry and basil EUR 5,50
    • Cold oriental tomato soup EUR 5,50
    • Home made cow's milk fresh cheese with basil, Peperonata, berry-balsamic and Grissini EUR 8,50
    • Tuna Carpaccio with Wakame, pineapple chutney and black sesame EUR 12,50
    • Spicy Tandoori chicken with mint sour creme and pita bread EUR 13,50
    • Strawberry-rhubarb strudel EUR 5,00
    • Strawberry cream cake EUR 4,50
    • spring risotto ARAGALL with sparkling wine EUR 10,50
    • roasted veal with Burgunder-jus and bread dumplings EUR 12,50
    • crud cheese dumpling with cranberry chutney and sour cream EUR 6,50
    • apple rhubarb strudel EUR 5,00

    homemade snacks & classical dishes

    • viennese soup with tender boiled veal EUR 5.90
    • toast vorarlberg EUR 6,20
    • vorarlberg sour cheese cake EUR 7,40
    • original viennese sacher sausages EUR 6.60
    • antipasti variation st. stephen EUR 10.90
    • salmon-spinach roll with lettuce and pine nuts EUR 8,90
    • clubsandwich with roasted chicken breast, bacon, fried egg and potato wedges
      EUR 13,80
    • homemade apple strudel EUR 4,60

    For allergic information please ask our service staff.
    Prices in Euro including all at present valid taxes, service and fees.