"Ideas from wood"

at Vienna's most central

  • Daniel Bucur Daniel Bucur

    Diverse but unique. Powerful yet lyrically subtle in their expression and shapes. The wooden sculptures by the "Wood Carver" Daniel Bucur captivate the viewer and almost automatically inspire personal interpretations. Daniel Bucur carves "Ideas from Wood." They give the lobby and bar >ara_gall< of the HOTEL AM STEPHANSPLATZ a very special atmosphere.

    Daniel Bucur, the artist and his art

    The Austrian wood sculptor Daniel Bucur was born in Romania on 17 December 1962 and has lived in Gols, Burgenland, since 1992. During his degree course in Kronstadt (Brasov), Romania, he graduated from the three-year course at the Sculpture Division of the "Pupulara Scoala de Arte" art school. Daniel Bucur has been an independent sculptor since 1994 and is a well-loved artist at many exhibitions.

    The artist uses only domestic woods. He approaches wood as an element and its material features of structure and grain with a sense of play, enabling him to elicit a fascinating internal dynamism from what is often regarded as rigid material. The results are extraordinary sculptures carved with technical precision, full of soulful expression and dialogues of forms. A single raw chunk often becomes a self-contained sculpture of several interlocking parts. With his piece "1.000 links" Daniel Bucur created the longest wooden chain ever created from a single piece in Austria.